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Casting Operación Triunfo 2006 (6 And Last).

I have remembered some things more:

Between it, when we were opposite to the juror, though I don't remember the exact moment of all the time that we were there. One of them said something to me, Noemí Galera was:

-Candi yes... - she didn't finish the phrase, it was what it was. Tony Cruz, for not to change, he elbowed her... he had in mind she was keeping silent. When I saw that one, I knitted the frown, and I looked at him.

What if I can say also is that she was the only that was looking at us and she was smiling us... in the majority of the time that we were there with them.

In the part of the end and before leaving, Tony Cruz said something to us:

-What can I do for you? What would you like to do? - the truth is that I surprised... is it that they were doing it for to acquit well? Or did they believe that they were doing us a favor?

-To be collaborators in a program of television or something like that - Yosu said to them.

-Look, this is what we are going to do... we will show your photos and videos to the programs of television. We did it for they contract us, didn't we, Noemí - he looked at her and she affirmed with the head.

-Thank you very much, it is not what I want, but thank you very much... - I said to him sincerely.

-To you, thanks to you for coming...

After it we leave though we are wrong and we had to go to oher side of the hall. Will they do at least what they have said.

When I passed the first phase, I met some cameras and a microphone in grand height. Possibly it was prepared for the interviews and the persons who were overcoming it.

I spoke a little and I sang animated by one of the songs that I sang that day. Suddenly, the woman so false that so much I have named you (since Yosu saw me) she threw out us of there, she said to us that we left of there, that we were already very seen. What did not leave place to doubts, is that the rabble is in all places. Overcoat in the most unsuspected places.

One of the newspapermen or camerawoman that existed there, she said to us that for her, we could remain if we wanted. If the first time she treated us this way, what would happen to the second one?. Already that came to my mind and I preferred going away just in case. So we say goodbye nicely with them, the disagreeable woman had gone away and they weren't to blame for anything.

On the following day, we go out after the disagreeable meeting with the juror. We find in the street, cameras and microphone like the previous day. Only that that moment, I was not feeling with forces to speak and I didn't want to stop me. There was enough public encouraged for we were dancing but I was not feeling animated. When we approached very much, their support gave to me forces, I danced and sang with pleasure for them. Their plaudits was what I need for to feel me well and I kissed with an affectionate kiss to everybody with all my heart almost on the point of crying.

We went in taxi to the station to leave to Cordova. It was necessary to say goodbye us and to return to our respective houses.

Casting Operación Triunfo 2006 (5).

Already I was in the table where the juror was going to change my life of some form. What I never supposed was to find something so terrible like the insensibility.

Like the whole world, I said them in high voice my personal information. Tony Cruz was looking at the solicitude that I completed yesterday when I had been selected. Beside reading what that hypocritical woman had written. He put the same face of displeasure that her and he said:

-Were you here last year, not?

-Yes, and here I will be until you will select me... - I said to Tony Cruz.

-We are going to see what you have learned!!!!

The song that I sang wasn't the appropriate one... it was necessary to raise enough the voice and I believe that it was one of Whitney Houston. There was a moment in which the voice of the body didn't go out of me, though I returned to continue then. I admit that I hurt me enough but the show must go on...

-Have not you learned anything, haven't you? - the insensitive Tony said

-A little... - I said to him(her).

-You don't fulfil the profile that we look for...

I don't remember exactly their words... but between everybody managed to harp on me psychologically. They said to me that I wasn't valued at to sing... briefly that I was losing the time there. The way of saying it to me certainly, was what less was concerning him. According to them, for the world of the humour we have a lot of future but that to sing that we forget it.

They hurt so much my feelings, which seriousness and pain, it could see reflected in my face. Certainly they finished psychologically with me.

-Why have you become so serious suddenly? - That matter was already the limit, and over he did me that question. He is the director of a producer company and he could not even suppose the motive?

I lowered so much the courage, which I could not speak and he wasn't doing other thing that to insist... and I could do more that a raise and descent of shoulders.

Like initially, I said to him that Yosu was coming also with me, so he decided to make slip him. That one could not be clearer... they wanted to rid of us as soon as possible. Just after that Tony's inexplicable doubt, my colleague appeared.

If it had been a combat of boxing, the bell would have sounded... His arrival I encouraged me a bit, the sufficient thing I should be able to answer to the previous thing.

-Do you want to know why I have become so sad?

-Yes, yes, say it to me!, say it to me!...

-After of all the things that they have said to me now and you claim that I continue laughing?. For you, all that you will look like to them a joke but for me not... - my attitude had changed, now I was angered and disappointed at the same time.

-I understand like you feel!!!! - Tony said for my surprise...

I could not keep silent about myself...

-You excuse that I interrupt him again but if I do not keep silent about myself I lose my temper... You don't know like I feel, I assure it... if you could know the fourth part of what I feel, that I don't say 100 % to you. If you could know the fourth part of what I feel, you would not say anything to myself...

-Let's see when we can say it to him without hurting his feelings... - and he continued speaking... this man doesn't know what they are the feelings...

They asked me if I had car... when they heard my affirmation, they interrogated me if I was singing in the car.

One with the white hair:

-If you don't have care, they will remove 12 points to you... - There was no doubt, they were amusing themselves at my expense.

-No, I assure him that not... - I said to him furious.

They said to Yosu who should sing and this way he did it... Then I wanted to sing animated by the song. There was something that I couldn't molest of them, I don't remember well, that I made me to react...

-What's the matter? What am I doing now?

I had never seen something like that, it was a declared war ... or at least, under my point of view.

They said to us that we should dance together...

-This steps are of last year!!! - they were really repellent...

-We have new steps - Yosu said.

There was a bit of dance... if you want that I say the truth to you, only I was animatedly the times that I sang and danced.

It was the last thing that we did. I had never seen in my life nothing equal to that, a people with so little sense of the respect.

About the interview, yes we did it. It was before they were saying my dorsal one and they wanted to record everything what we were saying that we were relating to what we had done the previous year. Briefly, the programs that we had gone and these things. Also there I realized, that I was the only one of the two that wanted to be indeed Operación triunfo contestant. To Yosu was all the same what happened in the casting. Because he didn't react with any of the things to that he listened.

Casting Operación Triunfo 2006 (4).

The hour had come and my clock was sounding according was programmed. I was difficult to me enough to make that Yosu was getting up, in fact, I had to call repeatedly. We dressed to go out and we said goodbye of the owners of the pension. We were needing that they would open us the door for we could to leave us.

We took a taxi and did act of presence in the place. Like it is logical, we wasn't the only ones that we were there. Like yet it was missing a bit of time, we thought of buying some sweet or we have breakfast something. We were lucky... we saw that it was beginning... and only we had crossed this crowded highway. So we returned...

A woman was there and she named the dorsal ones to allow to enter with the D.N.I in the hand, when everybody was seen named. By chance I knew her, she was this woman that so hypocritically appeared before us.

It was finally our turn and we enter. We finish in a small room and we were awhile there. A woman that we didn't know, she asked for us. She commented to us that they were going to realize us an interview and that we should wait where she indicated us.

The place of permanency was in a stairs close to the above mentioned room. The time was passing and they were not coming, I was starting despairing me. Meanwhile, in the room they were singing... a few persons of the organization of the casting were guiding them. And we there, we were retired from everything... were we being discriminated?

The woman was coming occasionally asking for excuses, she said to us if we wanted to go to that room, where the others. Initially, I didn't think to do it, since I believed that they would call us soon. I don't even remember how much time we had to wait there but if I can recall that visit that we had.

They appeared not more not less than the juror in charge of evaluating ourselves. Tony Cruz didn't even greet us (and he knows us of the previous year), a man without education, for what I see. Two persons with the white hair that we would see we arrive later on and Noemí Galera (that she knew us) and she greeted us. Of everybody, she was the only one that she behaved socially well.

-We will meet up!!! - she said to us with sympathy...

The woman was returning to forgive for the disorganization that had been prepared for the interview time later and she turned us to inviting to the stay of to the side. I got tired simply of waiting... Yosu preferred to remain out.

On having entered and to interrupt, I said to her if I could enter and I sat down. A man was recording everything with a camera and I wasn't been previously there. I believe that they did it to remove ourselves of the sight of the cameras and to show new faces to the channel to our coast...

We sing a bit and Yosu entered time later. When he did it, they stopped singing and said to us that we should speak like if the persons of the organization were not there. I can say that they looked like to me a good people in this time that we were with them.

While my dorsal one was coming, there were moments in which we were going each one by their side. I knew the most prettiest and nice lass who besides was singing of marvel. I sang with her and I amused with her enough though also in the casting too we passed nerves, why are we going to deny it?

They named my number, 350 and I followed to the woman to a room with more people and there was seats where sitting down.

Little by little those who are ahead went away for a stairs until I remained the first one. More persons came naturally...

In the upper floor it was everything... you enter in a door and you will know the result.

They put the microphone and the sound equip well hooked in the part of behind of my trousers. The moment has come...

Casting Operación Triunfo 2006 (3).

In the exit of that building, already there wasn't any queue... it had finished really very rapidly. Something that I amazed enough...

We went to the commercial center that existed in front of FIBES and we did a few photos to ourselves. Yosu brought a few sandwiches of his house in his bag and we ate a bit. We buy a few refreshments logically... though he acquired too many products of the shop.

Apart from this, we call our parents. My parents certainly, they did not want that we were staying in Seville. The problem is that the schedule was forcing us from some form to take this decision. His parents did not agree either, even they thought in that we came back to Cordova ... since his father would bring us in his car and to the following day, we returned to the FIBES.

Yet in this way, I decided to remain me, I was completely convinced that this one was the best possible option. I spoke with the mother of Yosu for to calm her, I said to her that we would look for a hotel and that I would take charge of everything.

We go to the center of the city later for the mentioned objective. Based on asking, we find one, which in fact it turned out to be cheap. I asked if there were rooms with separated beds, her affirmation made us happy enormously.

We give a good siesta, something that we were needing to relieve the tensions and the nerves accumulated of the day. We took to ourselves later a walk... we rested finally and to be prepared for the unexpected day that was waiting for us...

Casting Operación Triunfo 2006 (2).

When we entered to Palace of expositions and Congresses we were slow enough hours, but much less than last year. Something must have been changed in order that everything was advancing more fast. What we saw inside, it would give us the response.

The biggest room was the place of the tests... the woman said to us that we could go to the bathroom if we wanted and we don't doubt an instant. On having gone out, I didn't see to Yosu and he wasn't waiting to me, so I thought that he had been going to pass the first phase before than me. Though I waited really a bit, but the girl invited me to follow it to realize the test.

The reason of because it was going so rapidly this year was not other one that the increase of boxes. It was increased in 4 (places where they evaluated us), when in the 2005 there were 2. The speed remained multiplied by two.

They indicated to me the number of box and I waited in a queue. Now only I had to see to perform the previous ones.

The persons in charge of the tests knew until my name and the woman who evaluated me not.

It was my turn and I put to singing... I do not remember really which are those that I sang. I believe that between them I sang one of Chayanne but I am not very sure either. Of what if I remember is that in the first song, I put badly the microphone and it didn't hear good. The woman had to correct it to me. On having ended, they glued the dorsal with the number 350...

I had passed the first phase!!!!!

Yosu surely would do it later surely but it is something that I didn't see certainly... They said to me in that part of the room they were completing the solicitudes, since it happened in 2005.

My apparition there did that the woman who was delivering it, to put the hands to the head, and my name was declaring simultaneously. I noticed that she was nuisance when she saw me like saying: this one again here?. Though she was trying to hide it, it was imposible, I noticed her to kilometres of distance. She asked me if Yosu was also here... only that of him she wasn't remembering his name...

A bit later, my colleague appeared and again the same face... that woman didn't want to see us there... One person proves to be nice and to the following year she doesn't know to have education and she doesn't want to tolerate with the society... will it have been this the motive (the bad education of their workers) what it provoked the gradual fall of the reality show when it was in TVE1? Will it return to happen in 2006?

Until they asked us to that box had gone each one (both was the same) and the woman had said us yes... I didn't want to say to her who was... what was she importing?

Nevertheless, Yosu didn't know to keep silent and he said it... why would she want to know it?

In spite of having come later, Yosu stopped completing the solicitude before me. I had to borrow a pen that I had to a lad who had hurry and had to go away very fast. After finishing and to deliver it to her, she read my request (curiosity?) and she wrote something in it that she concealed me with her hands that I was not reading it.

Only I saw falsehood in that woman who could not conceal her displeasure. I was afraid of the worst thing for she had written and I supposed that it would read the juror's components... We were cited to come on the following day and to continue the selection.

Casting Operación Triunfo 2006 (1).

It was a 17th day of July and we get up early for the event. I checked minutely the clothes that was taking Seville and it was quite in order. It was the moment to go to Yosu's house with the car, for to come finally to the station.

What I did not imagine is that we would see so closely a contestant of "Operacion Triunfo". She was nothing more and nothing less than Lidia Reyes... I surprised to see her there, undoubtedly someone. And more knowing to where I was going... is it that she was going to speak about something in the casting? Only we knew that she had sat in the seats that we had opposite ours. We look mutually and we were smiling whenever that we were looking us, it was not any more than it. Little moment later they decided to go away a few seats later on than ours and I say it in plural because she was accompanied of a friend.

The loudspeaker announces our arrival and it was the moment to go down. We ate something and in a taxi we finished in the FIBES (Palace of Expositions and Congresses of Seville) in Mayor Luis de Uruñuela, Avenue number 1.

How much queue had there!!!! The taxi driver asked for it and we said it to him. Though if you want that I say the truth to you, there was less people than last year (in Madrid, that one was too much!!!!).

We got into the tail and later a girl approached who gave to us a tiny paper with a number. Apparently, if it loses you, it would prevent you from testing. I had five thousand odd: it would be the whole people who existed in the tail or they were making us look like such thing? It didn't seem that it was so much pleople...

Of the time that we stayed there, we were thirsty and I went out for water. I had to show the paper who gave us to clear the entry and to return to get into the queue. Also I can say to you that we had with that reigning sun a little dark-complexioned of a bricklayer, that you can't to imagine!!!!

Near the entry of the building, there were 2 big fountains to both sides. On having put suddenly in functioning, it liberated us enormously of the hot wave that there was. From there, we saw the motive of Lidia's visit... she was interviewing also the people, they asked things about her and until she danced and everything.

One of that was interrogating the aspirants belonging to Ana Rosa's program she recognized us to the instant, as some cameramen a bit later on of the queue.

Little before entering the building, we were speaking with this cameramen, which they proved to be agreeable at least ahead ours.

-Forward, pass!!!!

They allowed us to enter in that threshold of the hope, where the dreams can make reality...

Cortomanía 2006.

If I have to say the truth to you, whenever they call us we go there. Even knowing that the close time will be like the previous one. To dance, sing and make another type of things like to perfom, we are charmed all that.

In this occasion, they turned us to calling to come to the show, which was celebrated in the Film library of Andalusia as the previous year. They said to us that they were going to send us by post the entry, for that we could to accede to the place of the act. And besides we going to perform, disguising ourselves and everything.

It was treating itself that one of us would turn into apple... first Yosu wanted to make it but it was difficult to him to learn the role and it that did not exist much that to say. The presenter did not know anything and neither his questions nor his possible answers could be known. It would be necessary to improvise on the march.

When I saw the difficulties that it had it to be learned, I said to them that I wanted to make it and this way it happened. Before going out, they called us to remember it of the previous year and to dance a bit for the presents. For my surprise, this time they were called like artists instead of freakys, something for that I am grateful on their part.

After great wait, it's my turn. The disguise belonged apparently, to the company Sadeco (or that they said to us). Since sleeves were two very graceful worms that were going out of the fruit, though to take things like that I couldn't. I asked them on taking microphone:

-Already we will take it to you, meet for there, don't worry...

Everything it happened out like I was planned and I passed it to myself marvellously well. The presenter took it enough good regarding. In reference to the microphone, they returned to do as last year. As if I, without they were waiting for it, was appearing with that pomp. They had planed everything. I would bet what was, to that the director of the channel Cordova, there present, also knew.

To the whole world liked the show, as our performance in the scene dancing. Many people they were encouraging us for that we could follow forward and we couln't surrender for nothing.

The director of Cortomanía, Fran Gómez appears in the big photography of the link that exists down below... to see foot of photo), that was the one who called us. He promised us that they would pay at least 30 Euros to each one for our collaboration. Yet we are hoping that they gives it to us.

Enclosed the directors participants of the contest of shorts, which there was celebrated. They said to us that they would rely on us to roll one, next year.

Will they do it in this occasion or will return to be before us, people of few word?

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